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We are looking forward to seeing you
in San Francisco!

Beautiful California is calling!
Join us to learn more about our thin-film coatings on plastic, metal, glass, and a variety of other components. Producing a wide range of anti-reflective, beamsplitter, hot & cold mirror, ITO, filter, and metallic coatings as well as custom coatings to meet your dynamic applications. Experienced in handling prototype through OEM volumes. Coatings available from the UV to the NIR.

Speak with a team member at Booth #231 during the show and be fully prepared for your next coating project in 2022.

Set up a time to connect with Alan Parsons or Paul Meier-Wang


Coating IR Materials Requires Specific Expertise

We offer standard coatings from the UV to the LWIR to all of our customers. Used in a wide range of high-efficiency broadband, narrowband, and dual band anti-reflective optical coatings, our IR coatings for these specific materials have been created for fast-growing tech and developing military applications.

We successfully coat on the following substrates:

  • Germanium
  • Chalcogenide
  • Silicon
  • Cleartran
  • Zinc Selenide

  • 3-5 microns
  • 8-12 microns

We can adjust and custom design for narrower or different bandwidths up to the 15-micron range.

Read our White Paper on AR Coatings for IR Applications


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